Privacy Policy

Application of "cupcake"


Hello and welcome to the cupcake application owned by the cupcake commercial establishment with commercial registration No.: 4032241775.

Our main goal in the "cupcake" application is to increase the segment of customers for families and support them so that we make their products available to everyone and facilitate customer access to them, and facilitate the delivery of their orders through representatives.we also seek in "cupcake" to connect our dear customers with productive families professionally through the application and build a wonderful and distinctive customer experience.

  • Definitions:
  1. "Cupcake": the commercial cupcake establishment that owns the cupcake application.
  2. "Application "or" platform": cupcake application and owned by cupcake Trading Corporation.
  3. "Merchant" or "productive households": the seller whose products are displayed in the application and owns a commercial register or self-employment document.
  4. "Representative": the one who delivers the orders between the merchant and the customer and owns the freelance document.
  5. "Customer": who wants to buy from a store through the cupcake application.
  • Terms and conditions:
  1. This policy describes how the cupcake business organization uses the personal data that is provided when using its services including but not limited to mobile applications.
  2. Please read and understand the Privacy Policy before using the services of " cupcake ". Your visit to the "cupcake" application or requesting services through it is considered an approval of the site and Application Policy and this is an acceptance of the use and transfer of your data as described in this policy.
  3. What information does "cupcake" use to provide its services
  4. Cupcake uses personal data when ordering services for the purposes of providing services and ensuring the rights of users .
  5. "Cupcake" uses personal data when necessary only when such data is provided voluntarily. This data is used to perform the functions provided through the application and to provide users with all offers and data about "cupcake" and other services that we think may interest them. The personal data referred to may be used by ordering food online, entering a competition, subscribing to newsletters, creating a user account, sending a contact message and other correspondence via the website or application or by advertising, research and direct marketing. Data of a sensitive nature about the user is not used.
  • Cookie files:

Some of the data that is used does not identify the user's personality, but it will track the use of the website and the application so that "cupcake" learns the best way to use customers, which leads to improving and developing the experience in making orders, as these files are a small data file that is transferred to the device from the website for future use in improvement processes. Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable data and are not used for the purpose of obtaining such data. Personal data may be used only via "cupcake" in the event that the user provides it accurately. Cupcake may use technical data from the mobile device or use our mobile services for example location data, certain characteristics, methods of payment of bills by phone, interaction with sales technologies, and the device or Internet Browser should allow to refuse cookies if desired by changing the settings.

  • "Cupcake " :

Use and safety of personal data:

  1. "Cupcake" makes every effort to maintain the integrity of personal data and protect it from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorized entry, change and disclosure, and also gets rid of any personal data that is no longer required under the terms of the Privacy Policy. In case of choosing a password to access certain services in the application, the user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password and we recommend NOT sharing the password with others. Due to the nature of the internet, "cupcake" does not provide any guarantee or insurance related to the safety of personal data during the transfer of the user or the use of "cupcake", and the user acknowledges that he is responsible for disclosing his personal data to " cupcake ".
  2. Please contact us immediately in case you are aware of unauthorized use of your personal data registered in the application or if you have reason to believe so.
  3. The user is responsible for his negligence, inattention or use in bad faith .

How does "cupcake" deal with the data you use

  1. The user agrees to the use of "cupcake" personal data for the purpose of dealing with the user and delivering the order listed in the electronic application and any other services provided, in particular, the User expressly agrees to the disclosure of "cupcake" his personal data, which includes name, e-mail, physical address of presence and phone number to the delivery representative, whether the representative at "cupcake" or to a third party providing delivery services for " Cupcake ". He also agrees that "cupcake" will use his personal data for advertising and direct marketing purposes in order to inform the user about the website, the goods and services it offers or other matters that it believes may interest the user.
  2. "Cupcake" may be disclosed to personal data and the user agrees to disclose his personal data to:
  3. Other entities within the group of companies with a direct and related relationship .
  4. Other parties that "cupcake" has participated in performing functions or providing products or services on behalf of "cupcake" such as payment procedures, outgoing mail, debt collection, research, statistical data, marketing, direct and indirect advertising or other members of the " cupcake "group.
  5. In case the user wishes to unsubscribe from receiving direct marketing communications and messages from "cupcake" or in case he does not want to share "cupcake" his personal data with third parties. Please follow the steps to unsubscribe or send an e-mail to "cupcake" and request the deletion of his personal data from the private mailing list of "cupcake" as “cupcake " does everything in its power to comply with the user's request within a convenient period of receiving the request.
  6. Cupcake reserves the right to disclose personal data if required or authorized by law or in cases based on cupcake's own discretion on the need to disclose personal data in order to protect its rights or property or the rights or property of any third party or to avoid the exposure of any individual to injury. In case the business is sold to the "cupcake" organization or merged with another entity, then some or all of the personal data may be transferred to the third party.

View the data:

  1. "Cupcake" makes every effort to keep the personal data it has in its possession accurate, complete, up-to-date, relevant and not misleading.
  2. Please send an e-mail in case the user wishes to receive a copy of the indicated data, and “cupcake " reserves the right to charge a nominal fee for taking measures to fulfill the indicated request in accordance with local legislation.
  3. You can contact us to correct any incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date personal data or to request the deletion of personal data. Cupcake may require the user to prove his identity before submitting any request related to personal data.


  • Making changes to the Privacy Policy:

"Cupcake" reserves the right to modify all or any part of the Privacy Policy. It is possible that "cupcake" will notify the user of any amendments made to the privacy policy on the website or application via email notifications or others.

  • Responsibility :

"Cupcake" takes care of the arrival of orders on time and at the appropriate temperature for each meal , the quality of the meals and their suitability for the customer in terms of allergies or the like, but this responsibility lies entirely with the delivery representative and the producing family, each in his own right.

  • Pricing:

Although "cupcake" seeks to compete and provide the lowest market percentage for its services , it has the right, without prior notice to service providers, to change the percentage whenever the public interest calls for it .